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LEGO SuperCar 8880 BeautyShots by Heinz "Hypernaut" Nachtigall
Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Flamingo

All parts modelled and arranged in Rhino, rendered in Flamingo. I love LEGO - I always did - so it was inevitable to someday make a virtual set, I guess :) More then 130 individual parts; more then 1400 pieces used; worktime around 150 hours. All parts fit perfectly together; everything is 100% physically and mechanically correct; fully riggable and animateable although this would be an insane task, since there are so many mobile mechanical parts such as motor with crankshaft and pistons, wheel suspension, 4-wheel steering gear, 4-wheel-drive, e.g. to just open only the trunk you need to rotate and in parts additionally move 8 joints! Since Rhino has no rigging-tools I had to make and think through all the rotations and parental-movings manually, which in many cases proofed to be challenging - especially with freely moveable parts. But it was fun anyway and the result made it all worth while IMO.

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