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 Bongo, whose skin is used to make bongo drums, is the largest of the African antelopes.

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Canada Goose by Kurt, osti
Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Flamingo

What started in Rhino of reconstructing blueprints for a severely modified Roberts 53' sailboat turned into a full blown design experience as the client was interested in a walk through in order to place portlights and other options.  The hull is bare steel at present and thanks to Rhino, Flamingo and Bongo they have a better idea.  It would have been more photo realistic had I used Maxwell Render or some such, but even with one of the fastest Windows computers on the market (hurry with the Mac version!) this took many days to build.  Still a work in progress.  As always.

 Do you have a size limitation?  So far my attempts to submit have all failed.

Cheers to you folks.   Very nice tools.

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